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spring perennialsNanticoke Gardens is offering a Spring Perennial Fundraising Program. We hope that you find this a great way to earn money for your organization while supporting a local agricultural business.

We are offering:

  • A quality product
  • A full color, informative brochure to make selling a breeze
  • A comprehensive order form with uniform pricing designed to make managing the process easy for the fundraising coordinator.

Quality Product

We are a local grower who knows what products perform well in this area. We are aware that perennials have a greater perceived value because one plant can provide years of enjoyment. We have carefully selected perennial varieties that offer something for everyone. Knowing our surroundings, we have selected many varieties that are deer resistant and are identifiable by the deer icon on the photo of our sales brochure. For someone just starting out, we’ve selected some of the most popular varieties, and for those gardening enthusiasts, we’ve included some more unique varieties.

Brochure/Order Form

Each salesperson for your organization will get their own brochure and order form to solicit orders. All order forms will be turned into Nanticoke Gardens for processing and all orders will be organized for easy distribution to your members and customers.


Despite the varying costs for some items, we designed a pricing model to be easy to manage. Plants are sold in pairs. Each customer must order an even number of plants. For every two plants, their cost is $14.

For example:

  • A customer could order 1 Hollyhock and 1 Hosta and their cost would be $14.

The profit margins on this program are very favorable. Please contact for more information on how much your organization could earn.


We recommend your team sell from mid-February through the end of February. 
All orders forms must be turned into Nanticoke Gardens by March 6th. The earlier you start selling, the more orders you will get. All plants will be available for pick up around the second week of April (specific dates TBD). If you will require delivery this can be arranged, however may incur additional cost.

Please note that these plants arrive to customers as dormant plugs or bare root perennials. They are not blooming potted plants as sold at our retail location. They will be prepared in bags with care instructions and corresponding tags.

If interested please contact Pete Shafer at 607-754-5008 or by email at 

To get started, all we will need is the number of people selling for your organization and an address to send the order forms to. We will send these out with sample order forms and clear instructions to get you started selling. We look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know by Feb 1st if you will be participating so we can begin to facilitate the process.

Perennial Fundraiser Form

Nanticoke Gardens

 1543 Union Center - Maine Hwy, Route 26 North / Endicott, NY 13760  607.754.5008
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